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One-on-One Marketing Help at Premium Properties!

We are constantly growing and expanding as a company and we are one of the leaders in technology. We keep up with what’s going on in the real estate world to further assist you in your real estate business and to better advertise as a company. We are offering 1-on-1 marketing with our agents. This […]

Celebrating our Top Agents!

We are a growing company always looking for new opportunities and new agents! If you are looking for a change this year, sit down with us and we will tell you what we have to offer here! We really celebrate our Top 20 agents. This weekend we are hosting a beach retreat for them to […]

Find Your Sellers with us!

We just want to reach out and let you know that if you are not happy with your current brokerage, we just want to encourage you to sit down with us to find out what’s happening at Premium Properties. There is a lot going on in the market right now. Business is picking up, there are […]

It’s a Seller’s Market, Let Us Help YOU Get Sellers!

The market is heating up right now and here at Premium Properties, we are focused on getting listings. They are the key right now to increasing your business revenue, because it is a seller’s market, meaning that there are more buyers than sellers, so once your listing is on the market, it is going to sell […]

New Year, New Career!

Happy New Year everyone! We just want to let you know that now is a really good time to look back at last year and decide if you met your financial goals. If your business is not as strong as you think it could be, have you ever thought that maybe your current brokerage is holding you back? […]

Thinking about switching brokerages? You’re invited!

We are looking for more agents to join our team and we want YOU. With the year coming to an end, many agents will realize that they aren’t satisfied with their current brokerage. If in the last 12 months, you’ve felt like you could’ve chosen better, we would love an opportunity to sit down with […]

This is how the Market is Looking!

Here at Premium Properties, we are always trying to make improvements to our offices to have a positive space for our agents. At our main office, we have a brand new patio for them to enjoy the sunshine (or the cooler weather as we approach winter)! This is a space where agents can not only […]

What we are Doing to Increase Agent Success

Here at Premium Properties, we have multiple locations spread out throughout Florida. This is the time for real estate agents because there are opportunities in the marketplace. There are a lot of buyers and sellers, and interest rates for homes have reached a record low, so they are selling fast. We are encouraging agents to get […]