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Experienced Agent? You have the skills and knowhow that make you a great agent, when you combine your experience with our resources there’s nothing that can’t be achieved! Most real estate offices have several fees including desk fees, transaction fees, technology fees, printing & copy fees, etc. Premium Properties has no fees period. Talk about a money saver! Never pay for another copy again. We’re here to give you all the tools you need to make your sale and earn your commissions.Research shows that customers want access to a full menu of services when they are buying or selling a home. We strive to offer the very best service in every area of real estate business.

Leasing Agent? We are always looking for new and experienced leasing agents to help lease our vacant properties out of the 750+ that we manage. Come see what we have to offer for you today! We will provide you with all the leads necessary to lease our over 750 properties. There are always good leads to be had at Premium Properties.With leasing properties, the income comes frequently and quickly. Unlike home sales, the payment comes much more quickly providing a more steady and stable income. At Premium Properties we give you all the tools to make this possible.