We Have a New Location in the Altamonte Springs Mall!

We have a new location in the Altamonte Springs Mall in Central Florida! This location is a kiosk, situated in a spot in the mall that gets a lot of foot traffic. Our agents are able to schedule floor time to sit down and meet people, answer their real estate questions such as how they can get pre-approved, and tell them about properties for sale. It is going to be really exciting and great for agents that want to practice speaking to people face-to-face! It is also great for our brand awareness as a company so that more people know about Premium Properties!

If you are unhappy with your brokerage or you want to hear what else is out there, maybe being at our Altamonte Springs Mall kiosk will assist you in getting more leads! If you would like to schedule a time to sit down with our broker and discuss your options, give us a call at 407-380-2800!